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The pioneers in Indo-Chinese cuisine

Don't simply eat; take your taste buds on a journey across the globe with Dalchini. In 2000 we became the first and only authentic Indo-Chinese restaurant here in the UK, and today we continue to celebrate the beauty of both Indian and Chinese cuisines. Promoting age-old cooking techniques, the freshest ingredients and the mastery of our chefs, we'll show you a different side to your favourite dishes. Make a reservation at our restaurant in London or order online and experience the taste.

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Unleash the flavour and ignite your senses

We've taken the spices and aromas of India and combined them with the textures and ingredients of China to create an exquisite menu for our customers in London. Contact us to learn more.

The perfect accompaniment to our stunning dishes

As a gift or special treat, nothing goes better with Dalchini than our delectable house wines. Find your favourites or explore new flavours from our range of whites, reds and rosés.   

We work to provide beverages that sing to the food, flavours working in perfect harmony for the ultimate dining experience. 

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What our customers say

"Dalchini is a rare gem, and when they claim to do the elusive Indo-Chinese fusion, they do it better than anyone else in London. The food is lip smacking delicious and they’re able to maintain that on takeaways too! Order using their basic website and they have a rewarding loyalty program too. The restaurant itself was renovated a few months back and is as good a dine-in as any other in and around Wimbledon. What makes it outstanding is the warm and efficient service from the team in store, on the phone and while delivering."

Saurabh P, Google reviews

If you wanted to know what true satisfaction feels like, order with Dalchini today. The Indo-Chinese restaurant that brings the world's most exciting cuisines to you.

020 8947 5966

020 8947 5967

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