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Dalchini, the first authentic Indo-Chinese restaurant in the UK, established in London, 2000

Combining the contemporary with the classic

Dalchini, a pan-Indian word for ‘cinnamon’, literally means ‘Chinese bark’, fitting for the first purely Indo-Chinese restaurant in the United Kingdom. Originally opened in London in 2000, Dalchini has entered into its 3rd decade of bringing this world-class cuisine to the west. 

In the late 19th century, migrants from the Hakka Chinese community settled in Kolkata, India. They brought with them their unique Chinese Hakka cuisine, with the Huang family opening the first Chinese restaurant in Kolkata, India (then Calcutta) in 1920. It initially served tiffin boxes for primarily Chinese immigrants, then to become a great success with the natives. Local street food vendors influenced by this cuisine soon created their own take on the Hakka Chinese food and the food that you find in almost all Chinese restaurants in India today was born; Indo-Chinese cuisine. With textures and ingredients from China, married with the spices and aromas of India, the synthesis of two cultures colliding created a magical experience. Today, our chefs passionately present to you this authentic Indo-Chinese Cuisine.


So, whether you're dining with us or eating in the comfort of your own home, let our food be the vessel for your travels across culinary borders. Contact us to learn more.

Realise the brilliance of our fore founders in every bite. Place your order or make a booking at Dalchini today.

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