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Welcome to Holy Brew; a unique speakeasy bar in South West London

Enter a world of myth and revelry
on Arthur Road in London

Welcome to Holy Brew, a mythical world of indulgence and revelry inspired by the ancient Hindu gods and goddesses of drinking.


Step into our enchanting speakeasy, where everyone is celebrated for their love of libations.

In the realm of Holy Brew, the gods and goddesses of drinking reign supreme. From Lord Shiva who is commonly depicted holding a pot of intoxicating drink (Soma) to the goddess Varuni, a beautiful goddess typically shown holding a wine cup, associated with the pleasures of life including drinking and revelry. Our speakeasy evokes the traditions of ancient India, where consuming alcohol was not only accepted but celebrated as a sacred act of connection and community.

At Holy Brew, we offer a variety of creative cocktails that pay homage to Indian mythology and the country's rich history of drinking. Our expert mixologists use a wide range of Indian spices and flavours to craft unique drinks that have never been made before. Each sip is an experience, transporting you to a world of vibrant colours and exotic flavours.

At Holy Brew, we pride ourselves on providing a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere, where all are invited to revel in the joy of drinking. Our establishment is a place of inclusivity and diversity, where patrons of all backgrounds can come together to celebrate life's pleasures. Come and join us for a night of indulgence, as we raise a glass to the deities of Holy Brew.

In our world, there are no boundaries when it comes to recreation, think of it as a renaissance of ancient Indic drinking culture. We celebrate the diversity of our patrons and encourage them to let loose and have a good time. At Holy Brew, the lost traditions of ancient India are alive and well, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed by all. So come, enter our world of myth and revelry, and experience the magic of Holy Brew. 

Interested in finding out more about Holy Brew? Call in to experience the magic or contact us using the numbers below.

020 8947 5966

020 8947 5967

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